Harvest Moon

Night sketching is my favorite! Out with my three best painting buddies to watch simultaneous moonrise and sunset until the sky turned dark, and the moon shone brightly like a big spotlight in the sky. Shadows were dramatic! We found a huge flat cart far off in the field and used it as our studio table. All we need now is a horse to cart us about the fields! Wouldn’t that be dreamy!


Round Pond

Painted at Mendon Ponds today, in 90 degree heat. I sat on the best situated bench in the whole park. After I settled in, doesn’t somebody show up. It always happens that way, an approaching stranger with a curiosity. But his was different. This man, most likely in his eighties, informed me that the bench I was sitting in was the bench he installed as a tribute to his son, who passed away in 2008. His name was Scott T. Grumble, born in 1958. I was dumbstruck saddened by this, and came to tears. Then he told a couple jokes, and made me laugh.